Houla Massacre. This is for everyone who doesn’t know about what’s happening in Syria, and for the ones that do know… Spread the word, it’s the only thing we can do at the moment.

Okay, so yesterday some of us were sleeping, some were at school/collage/work… it doesn’t really matter what we were doing because we’re alive today, but the kids of Houla are not, All thanks to the forces of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

(CNN) — More than 92 people, including 32 children younger than 10, were killed Friday by artillery and tank shells in the Syrian village of Houla.

Now, we all know killing any human being is such an awful thing to do, but killing a kid? an innocent kid, right in front of his mother? killing a woman who did nothing wrong, right in front of her kids? This is something all of us, no matter what our race is, or our religion is, should stand against! It’s not about politics anymore, it’s about kids, it’s about humanity. 

The only thing worse than what Bashar is doing, is being okay with it. because if it was your son, your daughter, your sister, your brother, your cousin, or your friend… you would want people to do something about it, so to everyone in power… ‘Silence is Betrayal’

Stand up, Save Syria! 

ps. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but watching your kids die is quite inconvenient too. 

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